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As you progress through your War on planet Crypta, you will have the opportunity to collect new Heroes. If you win a battle and have an open slot in your Crystal Slots menu, you will receive a free Crystal! Simply place your newly acquired crystal in a crystal analyzer to begin your process of collecting a new Hero! 

There are a wide variety of crystals that you will earn and as you rank up, better Heroes will be available! 


Not all Heroes are made the same! Heroes can be 1 of 6 rarities in War of Crypta. You have Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Special




Each of the 5 stats (Attack, Defense, HP, Speed, Critical) has an Individual Value (IV) associated with it. A Individual Value is randomly generated between 1-28 uniquely for each stat upon Hero's birth. This Individual Value is then added on top of a Hero’s base stat and never changes. It is part of its DNA. To view your Hero's IVs, simply tap on the stats bar when you are on that Hero's Detail page in-app.

For example: A specific Hero’s base stats are 100 Attack, 100 Defense, 100 HP, 100 Speed and 100 Critical. Hero A can have total stats of 117 Attack, 122 Defense, 106 HP, 123 Speed and 102 Critical, once Individual Stats are applied. Hero B can have total stats of 112 Attack, 123 Defense, 115 HP, 109 Speed and 118 Critical, once Individual Stats are applied. These 2 Heroes are completely unique and one has slight advantage over the other in the Battle arena because of its Individual Values.


Upon creation, a Hero is given a personality trait. A personality trait has an effect on that Hero’s stats by either increasing or decreasing one of the 5 stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, HP, Critical). A Hero’s personality never changes.

For example, a specific Hero’s base stats are 100 Attack, 100 Defense, 100 Speed, 100 HP, 100 Critical. Hero A can have Energetic personality in which it increase Speed stat by 10% and decreases Defense stat by 10% so the total stats become 100 Attack, 90 Defense, 100 HP, 110 Speed and 100 Critical. However, Hero B could have Protective personality in which it increases Defense stat by 7% so the total stats become 100 Attack, 107 Defense, 100 HP, 100 Speed and 100 Critical.



Collecting too many of the same Hero and have no use for them in your battle squad? You now have the option to Release that Hero and in return receive some dust. This is a great way to clear up your collection's clutter and spend that newly added dust on leveling up another Hero of yours. 

The amount of dust you receive is correlated to the Hero's rarity. Here is a breakdown of the amount of dust per rarity:

Common - 250 dust
Uncommon - 1,000 dust
Rare - 2,500 dust
Epic - 5,000 dust
Legendary - 12,500 dust
Special - 15,000 dust

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