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In War of Crypta, there is always more to come. You can keep challenging yourself to build a better roster of heroes, and to discover new ones. By winning battles, you make your Heroes stronger, more skillful, and can evolve them into new ones.

There is a point in some Hero's lifespan where they have the opportunity to evolve and transform into a stronger version of themselves. When they reach this stage in their life, they will require a certain Evolution stone to transform into a new version of themselves!


On planet Crypta, there are 20 different type of evolution stones that certain Heroes embrace. At level 10 and/or 30, specific Heroes will reach a stage in their life where they require one of these special stones to evolve into a better version of themselves. 

There are 2 types of evolution stones: Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 evolution stones are used when a Hero is at level 10, where Tier 2 is used when a Hero is at level 30. Evolution stone can be purchased on the store during daily/weekly deals or earned from battle rewards. To view which evolution stones you have, tap on the green button on top right of your screen.



Through defeating opponent Heroes in your battles, you'll get and accumulate, as a reward, "Crypto Dust". Think of it as a strengthening essence that is common on planet Crypta that you can use to make your Heroes get increasingly stronger. You then choose the Heroes you want to apply the dust to.

As you add the Crypto Dust, the Hero's "level bar" fills up, and, when the max is reached… LEVEL UP! Your Hero reaches a new level as their Crypto Crystal received more power and gets a boost to their skills and battling capabilities.

It goes without saying: the stronger your Hero is, the more useful it will be in battle. At certain level milestones, your Hero may learn a move for you to mess around with and add to your ongoing battle strategy.

How to collect Dust: For every opponent's Hero you faint in battle, you will receive dust at the end of the battle. Depending on your rank determines how much dust you get per faint.

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