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As your battle strategies pay off in consecutive victories, you will notice that your ranking points begin to go up as well on your in-app battle screen. As your ranking points begin to flourish, you will reach a point in which you rank up to the next rank.

When you are searching for an opponent, War of Crypta looks to match you with someone of similar ranking. The winner of that battle will gain ranking points while the loser of that battle loses ranking points. A sophisticated formula determines how many points are gained/lost. This forces players to have a well rounded battle strategy that not only is powerful, but consistent!



Ranking up not only makes you look superior, but there are some rewarding perks that come along with it. As you progress through the rankings, you may begin to notice that you are being rewarded new crystals that you've never come across before. As per example, Rank 4 you can begin to have a slight chance of being rewarded an Epic Crystal. Each rank has its own battle rewards for winning battles. For example, Common Crystal II (rank 2) contains different Heroes or has different loot percentages than Common Crystal I (rank 1).

Epic Crystal

Note: The percentage drop per item varies between each rank. You also receive Dust as a reward, but that is covered in more detail on the bottom of Level Up page

Rank Rewards - War of Crypta.png


In the pipeline of future updates, we plan to have arenas per rank level. This is a time consuming process, but we have our art and design team working on new arenas. For the launch of beta, we will only have one battle arena (day/night theme) across all ranks.

Here is a small teaser of a future battle arena we are currently working on:

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