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War of Crypta allows you to build a collection of Heroes, and put them to the test in exciting Player versus Player (PvP) battles. You can have a roster of up to 4 Heroes for a live showdown against another War of Crypta player.

WoC's battle system is intelligent: you are automatically paired to fight against another player with similar rank level. This way you are kept engaged and challenged, while assuring a great gaming experience.

However, there’s a twist to WoC’s battling system. Instead of being turn-based, your Hero’s moves will require stamina to execute. This means you’ll have to be strategic in order to win. The ultimate goal is to faint all of your opponent’s Heroes.





At the top of your screen you will see an information hub for both yourself (top left) and your opponent (top right). Your information hub displays which of your Heroes is currently battling as well as its health bar. The number next to the Hero icon represents the Hero’s level, and the symbol represents the Hero’s type (see Type Effectiveness Chart below).

Below the health bar, you’re able to view the other Heroes in the squad of either yourself or your opponent (depending on whose information bar you’re looking at). If the Hero icon has a skull, that means that the Hero has fainted in this battle. If there is a question mark over it, that indicates that it hasn’t been revealed to you in battle yet. By tapping on one of your own Hero’s icons, you’re able to switch to it for the cost of 4 stamina. This will replace your current Hero on the battlefield with the Hero you selected.


In the top, center of your screen you will be displayed with a scoreboard. You will be able to see the remaining time of the battle so you know how much time you have left to execute your masterful strategy. Each battle starts with 5 minutes.

Below the timer you are able to keep track of the battle's score. For each Hero you faint of your opponent's, you gain a point. If time runs out and one player did not faint all of their opponent's Heroes, then the winner will be decided by the highest score. 




On the bottom of your screen, you will see a Move tray. There you will be able to see and interact with all the moves your current Hero that is out has. Each Hero can have up to 4 moves. Each move is unique and plays in a role with whatever strategy you have setup. You can view all the moves on Moves page. 

To use a move in battle, all you have to do is tap on that move. When a move is used, it will consume stamina from your stamina bar. How much stamina? Well each move has its own stamina cost. You can find out what the move's stamina cost by the number inside the bottom left green circle on the move.


If you look closely, you will notice that there is a number on the bottom right orange circle. This is the move's power, which is an important variable in our damage calculations when dealing damage to your opponent.


Fear of losing track of the battle? No need to worry, we got you covered! On the bottom right of your screen you will notice a move log. This log will show the 4 most recent moves you and your opponent used (bottom being most recent).

If a move was a critical hit, the move icon will have a blast icon behind it like you see on Psychic Punch to the right. If a move misses, there will be a sword with an x icon overlaid on the move icon.




Bringing the realtime PvP dynamic to life is the stamina bar. At the bottom of your screen you will be displayed a regenerative bar representing how much stamina you have. You and your opponent both start a battle with 5 stamina and gain 1 stamina point every 2.5 seconds. Once there is only 1 minute left in the battle, you and your opponent will regenerate stamina 2x faster!

Using your Move's type to your advantage against Opponent's Hero's type can make a drastic difference in your battle! Depending on the battle, some Types perform better or worse against other specific types. The best way to really use the power of your squad of Heroes is to understand how effective each type is against others. 

Below is a chart laying out each Type's effectiveness against another type. When in battle, it goes off the Attacking Move's type vs Opponent's Hero type.  Let's go over a few use cases to help demonstrate:

  • Sun type move vs Ocean type Hero will do 0.5x output damage

  • Sun type move vs Nature type Hero will do 2x output damage

  • Sun type move vs Ocean/Nature type Hero will do 1x output damage due to each type effectiveness cancelling out

  • Sun type move vs Nature/Mech type Hero will do 4x output damage due to each type effectiveness stacking

  • Sun type move vs Ocean/Stone type Hero will do 0.25x output damage due to each type effectiveness stacking



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